Send Multiple email adresses with hb_SendMail

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Send Multiple email adresses with hb_SendMail

Post by WimS »

Hi HMG people,

I made a generic small and simple function to fill in email-adresses in the usual way (with ...; ....; ...) and
convert it to an array.
It can be used in combination with hb_SendMail.
The parameters To, CC or BCC can first be send to this routine with

Maybe it is useful for someone?

Kind Regards,

Wim S

FUNCTION Email_adress_validation
PARAMETERS adress_string
LOCAL string_counter , array_counter
LOCAL adress_array := {}
string_counter = 1
array_counter = 1
adress_array[1] = ""
FOR string_counter = 1 TO LEN(adress_string)
CASE UPPER(SUBSTR(adress_string,string_counter,1)) $ "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ_1234567890-.@"
adress_array[array_counter] := adress_array[array_counter] + SUBSTR(adress_string,string_counter,1)
CASE UPPER(SUBSTR(adress_string,string_counter,1)) $ ";,"
array_counter := array_counter + 1
adress_array[array_counter] := ""
CASE UPPER(SUBSTR(adress_string,string_counter,1)) $ " "
* no action
MsgInfo("Email adress contains illegal character: " +SUBSTR(adress_string,string_counter,1))
string_counter := LEN(adress_string)
array_counter := 0
NEXT teller
RETURN(if(array_counter = 0,"",adress_array))

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Post by Javier Tovar »

Gracias Wim S por compartir,


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Post by EduardoLuis »

Gracias por compartir
Thanks for share.

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Gracias por compartir tu esfuerzo y dedicación...

Thanks for sharing your hard work and dedication ..

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Post by serge_girard »


Thanks for sharing!

I was already looking for an emailaddress-test-routine.

Regretfully there are some lacks:

1) It doesn't allow addresses with 'strange' chars: eg: FRANçOIS@SOMETHING.COM
2) It accepts addresses like: FRANK@SOMETHING;COM (;) FRANK@SOMETHING (without dot and without extension)
3) Some 'strange' chars are allowed in the first part (localpart) and most 'strange' chars are NOT allowed in the domainpart: x^ is a valid emailaddres but something@x^ is NOT valid.
4) Some chars are not allowed as first char and some are not allowed as last char.... is NOT allowed nor is

Best way is to split an emailaddress into 4 parts and then check each part:
- localpart
- @
- domainpart
- extension" onclick=";return false; gives a little information about this subject but is not complete!

Greetings, Serge/Belgium
Serge Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life !

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