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Pablo César
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Post by Pablo César »

One of my concerns is about the internationalization message this UNICODE version of HMG.
I made some improvements in the example in mentioned at subject, trying to keep the way it was first conceived. But I believe that this example should still be changed.
Screen1.PNG (30.42 KiB) Viewed 2645 times
One of my frustrations is that it has no way of changing the captions of the buttons of the MessageBox.
Screen.PNG (36.49 KiB) Viewed 2645 times
As you can see all in English except MessageBox for deleting is in portuguese. My wish is to have another option to set buttons captions providing from our code.

Anyway I hope to enjoy the changes:
EDIT.2 (Executable file).rar
(919.12 KiB) Downloaded 312 times
EDIT.2 (Source files).rar
(9.71 KiB) Downloaded 306 times
Mr. Rathinagiri, what do you think this sample changes to be replaced at new releases ?

Dr. Claudio, what do you think if this example instead of using HB_LANGSELECT(XXX) should be replaced by SET LANGUAGE TO XXX ?

What do you think is valid to keep the original way or is advised to use SET LANGUAGE TO XXX for UNICODE version of HMG ?
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Javier Tovar
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Post by Javier Tovar »

Si Pablo, es uno de los ejemplos que deberían ser generales a cualquier idioma, aunque claro no es fácil, creo.


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