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Re: Help with Debug

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Hola... andyglezl

Esta interesante tu aplicaciòn... :D

Hello ... andyglezl

This interesting your application ... : D


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andyglezl wrote:Pablo, tome tu rutina para manejar el archivo .mem que es justamente lo que queria hacer.
Now, according to the description in Clipper SAVE
/ *
SAVE public and private memory copies visible variables Within the
current procedure or user-defined function to a memory (. mem) file.
Arrays and the local and static variables, However, Can Be Saved. When
variables are saved, copied without They are reference to any scope.
Variables or hidden by PRIVATE LOCAL declarations are not saved.

So we should see how to solve this (I guess all
define local variables).
* /

I have the following:

1. - Saving local variables, LOCAL DEFINE STATIC ????
I have not discovered yet but I have a important tip. See at ..\harbour\src\debug folder (source Harbour) and you will find out what you are looking for. It is not easy to understand, very complexed. But I believe you will get LOCAL and STATICS variables thru HB_VARINFO and HB_CALLSTACKINFO. In Debugger.prg you also note there is an array aProcStack which contains CSTACK_LOCALS (Local variables) been already declarable by dbgentry.c
I gues that so by dbgmenu.prg which also contains a ShowVar() at menu item for Local variables.

Sorry I have not more usefull information upto this moment. I tryied to undestand, but is it so hard.
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Tercer "round", nuevas modificaciones al programa.

Gracias al Foro, muchas cosas salieron de aqui.

Espero les sea de utilidad...
Third "round", new amendments to the program.

Thanks to the Forum, many things left here.

I hope this will be useful ...
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Muy buen material... Felicidades voy a estudiarlo...

Hello ...

Very good stuff ... Congratulations go to study ...


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