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Re: Combobox - Incremental Search and Anywhere Search

Post by Rathinagiri »

dragancesu wrote:I did not mean to write this as a criticism but as a suggestion

It is very interesting to search for any word, that's great, but then there are some specific problems

Yes, I can look and classic, but then stops searching for any word
Please continue to give your suggestions and try the new version.
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Post by esgici »

Rathinagiri wrote:...
Esgici, it doesn't include textboxes.

'Anywhere' here means anywhere inside the item text. For example, to search for 'South Africa', you need not type 'South'. You can start typing for 'Africa'.
Thanks, understood :)

This feauture remembered me Mini Agenda :oops:

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Post by dragancesu »

Bravo genius

What else to say?

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Post by Javier Tovar »

Thanks Mr. Rathinagiri for sharing this excellent demo!


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