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Re: Welcome to the Project Developers' Table

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:27 pm
by Carlos Britos
Hi Luigi
I'm testing the stylesheet property and I have this situation:
If the control has an style and if I want to set a new style (different at all) the old one is still there. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Can you commit the samples, that you've created ?

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+ samples\button\demo_5.prg
+ samples\button\exit.png
+ samples\label\demo_6.prg
+ samples\textbox\demo_6.prg
  * to show use of stylesheet

Re: Welcome to the Project Developers' Table

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:38 pm
by concentra

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2011-06-14 12:22 UTC-0300 Mauricio Ventura Faria (<conc001 a+t gmail com>)
  * source/application.prg
    + Added HMG4_Reset() function, used to reset the HMG4 environment when needed, specially when mixing console and GUI functions.
  * source/basic.prg
    + Added DelData method, used to remove the old name of a control from the parents object stack when it is renamed.
  * samples/button/demo_2.prg
  * samples/button/demo_3prg
    * Fixed minor variable names mismatch.

2011-06-14 08:24 UTC-0300 Mauricio Ventura Faria (<conc001 a+t gmail com>)
  * source/window.prg
    * Fixed. Prevent more than one 'main' type window to be created. Assure loop execution to all window types.

Re: Welcome to the Project Developers' Table

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:44 pm
by Rathinagiri
Thanks a lot.

Re: Welcome to the Project Developers' Table

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:35 am
by gvaronas
mrduck wrote:.ui files are xml files
.uic are "compiled .ui files", actually they are c code

hbmk2 helper functions translate .ui to .uic files (using the Qt compiler) and then reads them and translate them to prg code, compile the prg code and link it to the final executable.

So, YES, you can still use .ui files if you add them to the files hbmk2 should take care of.

Qt has a way to load .ui files directly. This means that you may change widget layouts without the need to recompile the application. hbQt supported this run-rime loading and I added support to hmg4: I could use Qt Creator to create a form and then LOAD IT AT RUN_TIME with hmg4 objects instead of Qt ones.
Now this run-time loading is no more supported due to some important changes to hbQt core code.

It may be possible to adapt my code to the ui->uic->prg process (probably is also easier to do) but I have no time in this period.

Hola Francesco:
En estoy días he estado haciendo pruebas directamete con hbqt y la nueva utilidad del HbIDE "UI Source Manager", esto me ha permitido entender un poco mas el trabajo con los archivos .UI.
Estoy retomando este asunto y estoy interesado en ver como se podría trabajar HMG4 con los archivos .ui generados con el Qt Designer.
En tal sentido recurro a tu generosidad y ofrecimiento que hiciste para poder tener acceso al código que tienes trabajado para trabajar los archivos .UI con HMG4.
De Antemano, Muchas Gracias.

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Hi Francesco:
On days I'm been testing hbqt DIRECTLY with the new utility and HbIDE "UI Source Manager", this has allowed me to understand a little more work with the files. UI.
I am taking up this issue and I'm interested to see how it could work with the files HMG4. Ui generated with the Qt Designer.
In this regard I draw on your generosity and offering you did to gain access to the code that you have worked for work files. UI with HMG4.
In advance, Thank You.