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Re: HMG Releases

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:32 pm
by Pablo César
Once again... My point of view, my good habit, good to repass to you...  
I really do not understand why programmers (who are advanced users, with strong interest in what they are creating) choose for NOT upgrade the HMG version. The lastest HMG version, why not be already installed ? I would like to see more people helping what's wrong in the last version, what can be done for improving, how are using new features in the last version.

When people don't upgrade HMG version they are really NOT participating at the same time with us... it's very bad for everybody.

I understand there are come who prefers to use ANSI instead UNICODE, it's hard for me understand, but let say that I accept it.
Other can choose 64bits instead 32bits, this is ok for me. But very hard to believe that someone choose old versions... why ?

All these years in programming life, never understood very well this situation. I do not want to offend any body, but if you want to following a good advice: so, try to always upgrade your HMG versions and pass to use it... it's strongly recomended.

Re: HMG Releases

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:35 pm
by apais
hmg RELEASES have been allways a patch inferno.
That's terrible for newcommers.

Re: HMG Releases

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:11 pm
by Hazael
I understand your point of view and agree at a certain point but sometimes you have a project running and it was compiled with an older version and it is all fine (working 100%) but if you need to change anything then compile with a newer version you may have to take a good portion of time and hard work to make it to simply work as it was supposed to.
This is why is preferable to have all versions available to download so the programmer just have to do his small change and recompile the project without issues. I would also add the information of the compiler/version used on the header of the source file (at least on the main source file) so the programmer will know which version was used (also instructions how to build it, options, special libraries/details, resource files, etc...) - it will help the programmer to remember important details.
For new projects or projects that are still in the way I would recommend to use the latest version.

Re: HMG released versions

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:37 pm
by Pablo César
Yes I understand that when the newcomers are undecided and also when old project versions are working perfectly with old HMG version but IMO this is not enough for install the newest HMG version and try... because the new HMG version suppose to be backward compatible.
So, in my opinion: it's not reason.

What I understand is the shock between ANSI and UNICODE way to make programs.
New functions were adapted but all of it works for UNICODE and as well for ANSI.

Maybe some are afraid to "venture" to something new ... only that can be... :?

For the rest, I swear I do not understand the real and main reason.

But all of these undecided ones do not collaborate with the improvement for the future versions of the HMG, this is more than known.

Re: HMG released versions

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:45 pm
by dragancesu
Always try new versions and try to use it, but surprises are possible

For example
- version 3.4.2 is installed on Windows 64-bit and 10 have tried to make a 64-bit app but it was all for it, it is need download compiler and libraries
- after 3.3.1 the installation has no editor, Notepad ++
- after installation HMG folder is not in PATH

I think we need to automate the download of the new version, somewhere missing check for updates,
now used inno setup, installforge installer provides the option to check for new version (

Re: HMG released versions

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:24 pm
by Pablo César
Hi Dragan, thank you for your opinion and interest.

I am understanding your mind in your words. But I think HMG when makes a new things like as:
  • Unlinking the text editor and letting the user choose their own text editor. If my memory doesn't fails or maybe wrong, initially in HMG it was with PSPad editor, then went to Notepad++ but many prefer other sources' code editors. But I still think it would be a redundancy to make the text editor available in the pack again, as if it were an imposition, repeated editor files and taking up space for something that for many is dispensable by the matter of preference of use.
  • New approach and adaptability and use of Harbour Multithreads in HMG
  • Expansion of graphical features with the BosTaurus library
  • Numerous improvements in Grid and other components such as RichEdit, help support and many other features
HMG do not need or not have to worry about fixing something old, fixing the old versions (I being more specific).
Because the concern is to improve things but not precisely based on something that has to be adapted.
Sometimes something totally new is the best option.

What HMG needs and should be concerned about is maintaining backwardness as it has been done so far.
So the user should not think back ... should think about the new, what is being presented and adjust our needs.
But not based on old things.

I particularly, do not like to support something that I no longer use ...

Concern with language accents to me are things of the past. (Thanks to our meritorious of Dr. Claudio Soto)

The coming of UNICODE made it much easier for us and it led us to the new world of the WEB as well.

In my opinion, we can not waste time in adapting all the versions that have succeeded.
When a product is released as NEW, it is assumed that and to be something new and not something splicing the old ...

We can keep backcompatibility but doing totally new things. It would be a great waste to try to make old versions fit with something that you may not be able to meet.

About HMG updating ?

It's easy: download new version, install and get started. That's it ! :)

Re: HMG released versions

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:51 pm
by dragancesu
OK, the editor is a matter of taste and needs

But if that is the version updated then be made to go into one folder, and that there copied the new version. Now this is confusing, the new version of the new folder

Watch firefox, it is always up to date, always going in the same folder

Problem will have an advanced developers to modify source, but then it his version and let it take care of her, I like standard

Re: HMG released versions

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:25 pm
by Pablo César
dragancesu wrote:
Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:51 pm
But if that is the version updated then be made to go into one folder, and that there copied the new version. Now this is confusing, the new version of the new folder

Watch firefox, it is always up to date, always going in the same folder
Ahhh yes, I think understand what sou said.

Do you think this (overwriting existing version) it would help to stimulate for upgrading ?
In my habit I always have executed the Install program for new HMG releases and always installed in the default/original folder that is indicated during installation. In that way I have older HMG versions and because keeping original or usggested path for new release is saved with the own version number.

I never thought about overwritting files when changed only. This procedure, it s some kind of PATCH, what difference ?

I do not know if it's worth so much due the work demanded for having a reference files list for changed files. I still believe that half a minute more during the installation would not be serious if we consider the practicality for those who elaborate the installation program. I believe that this work is always done by Rathinagiri. I really prefer that when some change is approved at forum, whether in the HMG code or in examples or at DOC files, it are even updated without being forgotten. I appreciate it more than other special installation.