Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Post by gfilatov »

Hi Friends,

The year 2019 is coming to an end.
I want to note the most notable innovations and corrections of the Minigui library this year.

Below is my short list, which is subjective, of course:
* New: Switcher control for logical variables
* New: Added the new ON INIT <bBlock> clause for the basic controls
* New: Added the useful network functions
* New: Added the functions, based on the function HMG_Alert()
* New: Added the Harbour contrib library for 7zip compression.
* New: Added the auxiliary add-on binary archive for a correct launching of
the MiniGUI advanced samples.
* New: Documentation 'Harbour for beginners' in format CHM.
* Fixed: Misc bugfixes for the memory leaks in the ToolBar[Ex] control.
* Fixed: The wrong using of the Registry class was fixed in the function
DeleteRegistryKey( nKey, cRegKey ).
Added the new command
* Modified: The normal stringify result markers <""> was changed to smart
stringify result markers <()>. It allows to define the forms and
controls from a variable without using of a macro operator, i.e.
(cVar) instead of &cVar.
* Modified: Improved text extraction of the GRID item using a dynamic buffer
allocation. This will break the limit on the length of the grid cell,
which was set to 1023 characters earlier.
* Modified: The local OS detecting functions were replaced with a native
[x]Harbour implementation (instead of using the MiniGUI function
* Modified: The global fonts which were defined by the command DEFINE FONT
<font> FONTNAME <name> ... will preserved after closing of a form.
* Enhanced: Added 'ON DBLCLICK' clause (optional) to LABEL and IMAGE controls.
* Enhanced: The ButtonEX control supports now the 'ImageWidth' and
'ImageHeight' properties.
* Enhanced: The CHECKBOX, FRAME and RADIOGROUP controls supports the FontColor
and BackColor properties in the THEMED Operating Systems.
* Enhanced: The PROGRESSBAR control supports the ForeColor and BackColor
properties at a definition in the THEMED Operating Systems.
See you in the New Year 2020... ;)
Kind Regards,
Grigory Filatov

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." Albert Einstein

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Post by mustafa »

Happy Holidays and Good Year 2020 :D

Felices Fiestas y Buen Año 2020 :D

Regards / Saludos

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Post by EduardoLuis »

Happy New Year to all members and its family.
With regards

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Post by susviela »


A wonderful and productive New Year to all members of our group.

Un maravilloso y productivo año nuevo para todos los miembros de nuestro grupo


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Post by quartz565 »

Happy New Year to all friends !!!
Best Regards,

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Post by serge_girard »

Happy New Year to all!


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Post by nekbmm »

Happy New Year !


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Post by tonton2 »

Bonne et joyeuse nouvelle année
L'Algerie vous salut

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Post by esgici »

Happy New Year to all friends !!!

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Post by mol »

Happy New Year!

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