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Forum Server Broke Down

Post by Rathinagiri »

Dear friends,

There was a memory problem in our server and the server was rebooted manually by the hosting company, killing all the running processes. Because of this, our server's MySQL tables are corrupted. Though all the posts are in-tact, all the topic details like title, starter etc., are lost. However, we could recover most of the topic details (3732 in number) from the previous backup. About 141 recent topic details could not be recovered. Hence, the topic starter of those topics might be 'Guest'.

Kindly bear with me. Now I have enabled a daily back up.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this server outage. :(

With regards,

S. Rathinagiri.
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Post by EduardoLuis »

Hi Great Master:

Don't worry.-
I suppose many of us have a large collection os samples on topic, so count with me for anything i could help.-
With regards. Eduardo

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Post by esgici »

Thank you very much dear Mr. Rathinagiri :D

No problem as long as the stage lights are flashing 8-)

Best regards,

Viva HMG :D

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Post by luisvasquezcl »

thanks Rathi, don't worry
Best regards,
Luis Vasquez.

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Post by Amarante »

We do thank you for giving us this wonderful forum.
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Post by andyglezl »

Thanks Rathinagiri
Andrés González López
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Post by mol »

Thx Rathi for your great work.
Till we are all on the forum, all problems will be solved!

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Post by serge_girard »

Well done Rathi !


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Post by bpd2000 »

Thank you Mr. Rathinagiri
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Post by quartz565 »

Thank you for the great work Rathinagiri !!
Best Regards,

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