Problem: Browse Heading turned to bold font typeface

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Problem: Browse Heading turned to bold font typeface

Post by dhaine_adp »

Problem: Browse Heading turned to bold font typeface

Does anybody encounter this problem in Harbour MiniGUI 2.6.7 (2008.10.09)?

When keyboard shortcuts is used, the browse headings turns to bold font typeface?
This problem is also present with HMG Stable Release.

What the program does?

1. At run-time, I explicitly release and re-state the browse because some browse properties are available during control definitions only. In order for me to change the browse column labels or headers I had to release it and re-state it again.

3. I tried to use the dynamic back color and dynamic fore color of browse but for whatever reason I got a red color only although I stated the color gray. I don't know if it has some relation with main window and child window. But anyway I opted to used the INDEXMARKER to indicate the current active index.

My original plan is to highlight the column to tell the user the current index order by changing its dynamic back color. But for whatever reason, what ever color I define in dynamic back color I've got red only. After spending 3 hours in comparing my code to hmg sample folder, testing and building (full build or linking) produces the same result. Then I decided to abandon this concept and instead I used a special character to mark the active index by prefixing the header with a special character symbol so that I can go ahead with what I am doing. But this bug is something strange.

How to replicate the problem:

1. When the program runs, press ALT+Q.
2. Hold ALT then Press the down arrow key to expand the combobox list.
3. Then press the down or up arrow key again.
4. Hover your mouse pointer to any of the browse column heading or column label.
When you do so, the column headers font typeface changed to bold.
In order to clear the problem, the window must be closed.

The problem is not present when mouse is used to select from the combobox. However, once the problem is triggered, whether I used mouse or the keyboard shortcut ALT+Q in this case would not clear the problem.
source code to replicate the problem
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