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Re: Prg2Fmg Project

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Pablo César wrote:Hi Claudio, could you give me a light on the following please:

I would like to make Prg2Fmg as lib (if that is an advantage) that can be added only by users need FMG creation and in this case it will need to be compiled with their project. But this is just eventual, esporadic or may be will run only one time.

How could you do it in a practical way for the user and who can load the library. Since it has an override of include and functions to call, ahhh and It also use .rc file.

How could it be? Please give me the right way.
The simplest way is always to include all the code through a header file. Libraries are useful for those cases where functions are used all the time in the application, not sporadically.
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Dr. Claudio Soto
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Post by Pablo César »

Ok. Thank you Claudio
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